Welcome to Norb Pool!

Ticker: NORB

Pool ID: 71b00c23502112d4c634e325f28c9ade2a4ba4ec251677d306ae6b7b

Fixed Fee: 340₳

Margin Fee: 2%

Our Mission

One idea I was thinking of while I was setting up this pool was how I could use it to do more than just strengthen the Cardano network. The first idea I had came to me while I was playing with my dog Roxy. I want to help give back and so to do that I am going to take 33% of the margin (variable) fees received each month and donate to a charity.

I want to start this in May 2021 and for the first month I want to make the donation to an Animal focused charity which for this month would be the ASPCA. I just started this pool so it may take some time to get going and generating returns but as soon as I have any rewards coming in then that will be the month that it will start.

After the first month that a donation is made I will rotate to another Charity and will rotate each month after that to help spread the help to as many organizations as we can. Below is a list of the current charities in the rotation.

  • African Wildlife Foundation
  • Animal Welfare Institute
  • Marine Mammal Center
  • Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Friends of Animals

Pool Stats and Fees

I am committed to keeping the pool consistent so that delegators will not have to worry about constantly changing fees and that is why I am going to keep the fixed fee at the minimum setting of 340₳ and the variable margin fee at 2%. I am going to donate 33% of the margin fee to a different animal focused charity each month. I want to give back and help as many animal organizations as I can and this is why I want to change the group each month so that we can spread the help and donations around the world.

I will also pick a random delegate at the end of every epoch that we produce a block and they will receive 33% of the margin fee for that epoch.

How to Delegate

The two official wallets can be found here and are great ways to get started staking.

(You can delegate to us from the Daedalus or Yoroi wallets)