Welcome to Norb Pool!

Our Mission

One idea I was thinking of while I was setting up this pool was how I could use it to do more than just strengthen the Cardano network. The first idea I had came to me while I was playing with my dog Roxy. I want to help give back and so to do that I am going to take 100% of the margin (variable) fees received each month and donate to a charity.

I want to start this in May 2021 and for the first month I want to make the donation to an Animal focused charity which for this month would be the ASPCA. I just started this pool so it may take some time to get going and generating returns but as soon as I have any rewards coming in then that will be the month that it will start.

After the first month that a donation is made I will rotate to another Charity and will rotate each month after that to help spread the help to as many organizations as we can. Below is a list of the current charities in the rotation.

  • African Wildlife Foundation
  • Animal Welfare Institute
  • Marine Mammal Center
  • Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Friends of Animals

Pool Stats and Fees

I am committed to keeping the pool consistent so that delegators will not have to worry about constantly changing fees and that is why I am going to keep the fixed fee at the minimum setting of 340 ADA and the variable margin fee at 2%. The margin fee is going to be 100% donated to a different animal focused charity each month. I want to give back and help as many animal organizations as I can and this is why I want to change the group each month so that we can spread the help and donations around the world.